Esuberanza Publishing

Your book published by Esuberanza

Esuberanza Publishing is open to the publication of your book. Core themes are LGBT and religion, but basically anything is possible, as long as it's well written.

The decisive factor is always: does publisher Ineke Lautenbach find it worthwhile?

How much will it cost and what will you earn?

Logo 1Boek.nlThe costs of publication depend on the amount of work needed to convert your manuscript into a book. The minimum fee is EUR 484 (which includes 21% VAT). For this your book will be published as a paperback with a simple cover and an as e-book. You will receive 5 free copies for yourself or to give away as presents.

You will receive royalties - a percentage of the revenue (excluding VAT) of all your sold books. Royalties are paid once a year for the revenues of the previous year as received by Esuberanza.

How many books are printed and how are they sold?

Logo amazon.comYou and your readers determine how many books are printed. Esuberanza Publishing uses Printing on Demand. This means a book is printed after it is ordered and paid for. So there is no stock.

If you want to have your own stock to sell directly, you can order copies and sell them yourself. You invest in your own stock and decide for yourself how big that will be. Of course you will receive royalties for these books.

What about marketing?

Logo KoboYou do most of the marketing yourself. You wrote a book and you are proud of that. So let everybody around you know, using social media and the local press!

Of course your book will be on this website, on, on (and all local Amazon sites) and on (for e-books).

How do you submit your manuscript?

First of all send a summary and brief piece of your book, no more than 500 words, for Esuberanza to get a first impression of your work.

Use the Contact form to send these.

If Esuberanza is not interested, she will let you know. But she might want to read on and then she will ask for more of your book. And who knows, that may lead to your book in print and as an e-book!

Conditions for the basic fee

To be eligible for the basic fee your manuscript must meet the following conditions:

  • manuscript submitted as .txt file, so without formatting
  • contents page, to be used to divide your book into chapters
  • length of the manuscript maximum 60.000 words
  • at the most 10 pictures, submitted as .jpg and at least 300 bpi
  • simple cover, designed by Esuberanza, or based on a picture that you provide
  • for all pictures the copyright must be settled by the author
  • the size of your book will be 210 x 143 mm.