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Sander Funcke

Sander Funcke

Logo of Sander's website"Writing is my passion,” wrote Sander Funcke on his website. For nine years Sander posted poems, columns and a few stories on his selfmade website. The homepage showed the logo you see on the right, with the text Met Hem op weg gaan – Mijn reis met de Eeuwige (Going with Him - My journey with the Eternal).

Sander wrote about himself:

"My name is Sander Funcke and I live in Bunnik (The Netherlands). Together with my cat Sam I enjoy my nice apartment with garden. I am active in the Aloysius Church in Utrecht and work for the government.
I enjoy telling people about what inspires me in life. My faith plays a big part in that. In addition, I have various skills that I like to use both in my work and in my volunteer work: analytical thinking, the ability to have conversations with people, an eye for content and detail. I also hope to show that on my site."

As the very first blog, the poem Door de donkere nacht (Through the dark night) was posted on April 11, 2011. The very last blog is the column Dichtbij Zijn hart (Close to His heart), posted on June 20, 2020.

In July 2020, Sander passed away at the age of 38. As a tribute, the  LKP Foundation (Umbrella organization of the Christian LGBT movement) has bundled his poems and blogs.

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